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Microsoft Visual Studio 6 0
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Microsoft-Visual-Studio-6-0-[xXxZombinexXx] possibly with 1Gbit/s

1.Description Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition + Sp6:
Microsoft Visual Studio
Version : 6.0
Service Pack: 6 - Seperate download
Microsoft® Visual Studio 6.0, was released in June 1998 and is the last version to run on the Windows 9x platform. The version numbers of all of its constituent parts also moved to 6.0, including Visual J
which jumped from 1.1, and Visual InterDev which was at 1.0. This version was the basis of Microsoft's development system for the next four years, as Microsoft transitioned their development focus to the .NET Framework.
Visual Studio 6.0 was the last version to include the COM-based version of Visual Basic; subsequent versions would include the version of the language based on .NET. It was also the last version to include Visual J , which was removed as part of a settlement with Sun Microsystems that required Microsoft to stop producing programming tools that targeted the Java Virtual Machine.
Visual Basic, Visual C , and Visual FoxPro had separate IDEs, while Visual J
and Visual InterDev shared a common new environment. This new IDE was designed with extensibility in mind, and would go on (after several internal revisions) to become the common environment for all languages with the release of Visual Studio .NET. Visual Studio 6.0 was also the last version to include Visual FoxPro.
As usual, Visual Studio 6.0 came in several editions: Standard, Professional & Enterprise. The Enterprise edition contains extra features not found in Standard or Professional edition, which includes:
* Application Performance Explorer
* Automation Manager
* Microsoft Visual Modeler
* RemAuto Connection Manager
* Visual Studio Analyzer
This is an .iso copy of my disc, so i can assure you it works great. No need to type the serial number!
Service Pack 6 Download
Enjoy and please, don't forget to say thanks if you download this. It won't cost you a thing.

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